Industrial application of embedded systems

Embedded System Enclosures

AVIBE works has special expertise in engineering and manufacturing embedded AI enclosures.

These special enclosures enable, for example, the use of AI processors in industrial or outdoor environments.

Focusing on embedded AI, we deploy state-of-the-art AI hardware from Nvidia in all environmental conditions.

This enables low latency, easier data protection and higher runtime.

Jetson Nano, Orin, Xavier and AGX Orin

Nvidia Jetson Custom Embedded Enclosures

The Nvidia Jetson platform is currently preferred by developers worldwide as an embedded AI system. This is partly due to its high-performance, cost-efficient and easy-to-integrate AI hardware.

For this reason, AVIBE works specialises in the use of exactly these AI computers and implements all boards from Jetson Nano to AGX Orin on request.

We work together with well-known carrier board manufacturers such as Connecttech and Auvidea in order to provide the best overall system.

Passive cooling for long-lasting products

Heat conduction and dissipation

In order to enable a continuously strong performance of the boards, the dissipation of generated thermal heat is an important aspect of the enclosure design.

Depending on the area of application, AVIBE works uses both passively and actively cooled embedded enclosures.

These are designed according to the performance of the board and the expected ambient temperatures and then validated in a climate test for use under the required performance.

In industrial applications, passively cooled enclosures are often used, as the overall system is more durable without moving components.

Waterproof embedded enclosures for outdoor use

Waterproof enclosures

In order to be able to use embedded PCs outdoors, for example, the enclosures are also designed to be waterproof and dustproof, depending on the requirements.

Suitable seals are selected and installed for this purpose.

In addition, the focus is on durability under conditions of strongly fluctuating temperatures, which require special precautions.

EMC protection through aluminium housing and suitable seals

EMC Protection

In industrial environments in particular, protection and compatibility with regard to electromagnetic fields are important in order to be able to use electronic devices in a process-safe manner.

This is why AVIBE works pays particular attention to EM compatibility.

This is why our embedded enclosures are made exclusively of aluminium (alloys), in order to ensure heat dissipation on the one hand and EMC on the other.

In addition, appropriate EMC seals between individual components ensure the necessary conductivity.

GigE, USB, HMDI and digital or analogue I/Os

Individual I/Os

The connections for connectivity are selected specifically for the application and installed according to the customer's wishes.

This enables a cost-efficient and functional design with as few components as possible.

The connections for GigE, USB and HMDI are usually installed in the embedded housings.

In addition, the power supply, as well as any other digital or analogue I/Os, are realised via industrial circular connectors.

Your company in the foreground

Individual branding

Laser engraving, silkscreen printing, powder coating

On the one hand, AVIBE works itself acts as a brand for standard enclosures; on the other hand, we are also happy to put your brand in the foreground for customised projects.

In addition, we have the possibility to realise texts, logos and symbols by laser engraving, silkscreen printing and powder coating customised to your design requirements


Various surface finishes possible


Anodising, powder coating, sand blasting

Apart from the branding, we also offer various common surface finishes. This means that there are no limits to the product design of the embedded enclosures. Blasted, anodised or powder-coated surfaces ensure the high-quality look of your product.

Various mounting connections possible


Top-hat rail mounting, pole mounting, screw mounting

Designed for the individual application, AVIBE works implements all common mounting connections. On the one hand, a top-hat rail mounting can be integrated, which makes installation in control cabinets very easy.

On the other hand, variable pole mounting systems are usually used for outdoor applications, such as in road traffic areas, which enable simple and fast commissioning.